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Save when you invest in our handmade soap loaves. The loaf makes 10  3" x 3"x1" soaps. 


Handmade, plantbased soap loaves, made-to-order.  Choose from the following scents:


Aloe You Very Much- Unscented Aloe Soap with Sage Powder and Blue Chamomile Butter


Lavender Fields- Lavender and Bergamot


Root of All Pleasure- Cocoa Butter Soap with Alkanet Root, Hibiscus Flowers and Essential Oil of Tuberose


Heaven and Earthy-Almond Vanilla Scent


Be the Cuke!- Cucumber Carrot Soap with Dried Roses and Essential Oil of Rose


It Takes Two to Mango- Cocoa Butter Soap with Mango Papaya scent and bamboo-based activated charcoal


Rosehip Nettle- Shea Butter Soap with Rosehip powder, nettle leaves and Protection Scent


Elevate- Cocoa Butter Soap with Brazilian amethyst points and essential oil of ylang ylang


White Wedding 1- Honey soap with jasmine flowers and vanilla scent


White Wedding 2- Cocoa butter soap with hibiscus flowers and scented with essential oil of ylang ylang


Pumpkin Spice-Cocoa butter soap with granulated lemon peel for exfoliation and pumpkin spice scent. So comforting for the body and mind during the fall and winter months.


Bless the Day-Cocoa Butter soap with activated charcoal, blueberry scent and essential oil of frankincense. Divine!


Milk and Honey- Shea butter soap with milk and honey scent


Spell Caster- Olive oil soap with whole rosemary and essential oil of ylang ylang.


Waning Moon Protection Soap made with Shea butter soap and essential oil of Frankincense.


For bulk orders, wholesale, party favours for weddings or special events, please send an e-mail to for a quote. Follow on Instagram @mannaskinlabs and facebook @mannaskin


Soap Loaf

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Soap Scent
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