Manna Skin Labs newest soap made with SLS free shea butter soap, roshehip powder, dried nettle leaves and "protection" scent.

As we know, shea butter is not only an emollient agent for the skin, but it also has nourishing properties such as anti-inflammation while soothing the skin. Shea butter also has high concentrations of Vitamin E which is known for healing and moisturizing the skin.

Rosehip powder is what gives this soap its earthy colour tone. The benefits of rosehip are many and varied: used in teas or food preparation not only is it a remedy for rheumatoid arthritis, it boosts the immune system. THIS powder is not for internal consumption but is high in Vitamin C, helps to lock in your skin's natural moisturizing properties and is for external use.⁠

Nettle leaves 🌱are my new go-to for protection rituals! Drinking nettle tea boosts the immune system and your metabolism. The leaves used in my soap, however, are strictly for external purposes only, as an addition to soaps or bath salts for skin exfoliation and protection rituals. ⁠

Protection Scent: This earthy is a mix of essential oils of frankincense, ylang ylang, a hint of myrrh. This earthy, but sweet scent is reminiscent of an anointing oil and offers the divine ending to this gorgeous soap.

In this listing you can purchase three soaps or six wrapped in cellophane and labelled.


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Rosehip & Nettle

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