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Offered in a 4-ounce sturdy, amber, wide-mouthed glass jar with a black lid that will keep your skin-candy safe and long-lasting.

Natural Ingredients:

-Medium-Size Pink Himalayan Salts
-Bay Leaves
-Coconut Oil
-Sage Powder
-Essential Oil of Frankincense from India

Each of these are known to have mental, emotional and metaphysical protective properties.

Each ingredient is natural without added preservatives or chemicals.  The specific combination between these herbs is almost intoxicating.   
These salts are not to replace conventional medical advice but only to be used as a supplement to any other treatment.

These salts can also be used for moon phase rituals, particularly during the new moon prior to setting intentions, to create a circle of protection around you, your thoughts and intentions.  

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Protection Bath Salts

Excluding GST/HST
  • Smudging is a well-known ritual in cleansing home or office - and it's practiced by burning the bundle of dried sage and then directing the smoke onto the areas that you want to clear or protect. In this very simply way, the energy of white sage, brings cleansing, protection, and blessings into the space it's burned in.

    The sage used in our salts is in powder form and offer an enticing scent and blends beautifully with the other ingredients in this combination. 

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