Included in this Mothers' Day Gift Box is

One Protection Ritual Salts
This product is offered in a very attractive 4 ounce glass. amber bottle with a smooth black lid to keep your salts fresh and long-lasting.
-Medium-Size Pink Himalayan Salts
-Bay Leaves
-Coconut Oil
-Sage Powder
-Essential Oil of Frankincense from India

Each of these are known to have mental, emotional and metaphysical protective properties.
Each ingredient is natural without added preservatives or chemicals. The specific combination between these herbs is almost intoxicating. These salts are not to replace conventional medical advice but only to be used as a supplement to any other treatment.

These salts can also be used for moon phase rituals, particularly during the new moon prior to setting intentions, to create a circle of protection around you, your thoughts and intentions.

One Elevate Amethyst Soap
-SLS free Cocoa Butter Soap
-Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang and Bergamot
-Slight hint of Vanilla
-Brazilian Amethyst Small Points

One Spell Caster Cleansing Oil
Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil
Whole Rosemary
Calendula Petals

One Rose Quartz Healing Crystal
To Heal and Open the Heart

One Bless the Day Body Butter
Bless the day with this magical potion which smells and feels divine against the skin. It is made with almond butter, coconut oil, lavender floral water, a drop of blueberry scent and organic essential oil of frankincense.
This beautiful product is offered in a sturdy, sleek clear class jar with black cap to keep your body butter staying fresh. One empty, it can be recycled and used as a multi-purpose storage container.

One Almond Milk Body Wash
Thick and luxurious bath and shower gel with a hint of Almond Milk Scent will leave you feeling clean and refresh. Made with gentle cleansers and moisturizers its soft lather cleanses the body without drying. You can also use it in a Bubble Bath!
We've packaged it in a foam dispenser bottle so a little goes a long way!

Four Re-Usable Bamboo Facial Rounds
Black in colour, they can be thrown in the laundry or washed by hand to be used again and again!

Packaged in a sleek, blue box mailer that can be recycled and used as a multi-purpose storage container.
Treat mom to this amazing eco-friendly spa kit. She will be sure to love it!

Manna Skin Labs Luxury Collection

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