Great for all skin types, reduces inflammation and blemishes, keeps the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. 




                              THE DEETS


Organic Blue Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), lavender floral water (lavandula angustifolia), blue chamomile butter (coco nucifera, aloe barbadensis leaf extract), purified water, fractionated coconut oil or MCT oil (refined), calendula oil  (Calendula officinalis or Calendula Flower Extract), cocos nuciferia, cetearyl glucoside, cetearyl alcohol) and seaweed extract which contains high amounts of vitamins and hyaluronic acid.



Manna "from Heaven" Daily Moisturizer 100 ml

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  • Sometimes spelled mana, it is mentioned on numerous occasions in spiritual context.  Word has it that manna is a natural, unique substance "created during the twilight of the sixth day of creation." Some believe that manna was intended so that man would not eat meat. Some sources indicate that manna's fragrant aroma was used in perfumes.