Oatmeal soap, lavender flowers, organic essential oil of lavender from France, essential oil of Bergamot from Italy, and shea butter    This is certainly a dreamy concoction, lavender and oatmeal soap blend together so well to soothe body and spirit.


                                          THE DEETS


Coconut oil, safflower oil, kosher glycerine (vegetable sources), oat protein, sorbitol (sugar dervied from fruits such as apples and cherries), unrefined cocoa butter,  oatmeal, purified water, dried lavender flowers (lavandula angustifolia),  organic lavender essential oil, organic cold-pressed bergamot essential oil (bergaptene-free) and fair trade organic shea butter.


Small soaps are 3"x3"x1" and, even though there are a few inherent imperfections, they generally come out as a perfect square. The second type is a small rectangle of 3"x2"x1.5".

In this listing you can purchase three soaps or six.

You have the option of purchasing these soaps wrapped in cellophane and labelled or wrapped in a non-stick oil wax packaging paper and sealed with our logo. M🌙L


You can also purchase our soaps as wedding or party favours for any occasion and you can also purchase wholesale if you want to sell any of our products in your shop.  Please send an e-mail to info@mannaskin.com for more details.


Manna Skin Labs is located in Toronto and all our products are made and curated in our studio located in the heart of Toronto.


Lavender Fields Beauty Bar (3 Soaps)

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Combo and Style
  • Every year, a new growth of lavender reaches towards the heavens with brilliantly blue fragrant flowers.  Lavender is known not only for its relaxing effects on the mind and body but it has many therapeutic effects on the skin. Lavender Angustifolia or True Lavender has the largest amount of esters which means that it has the highest degree of balancing, calming, cell-regenerating, and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a significant amount of alcohols which bring with them anti-fungal, anti-viral, balancing and immuno-stimulant properties. It is reputed to be a sedative and an anti-depressant.