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Luscious Lavender Body Butter and Soap Combo


This combo is offered in a Kraft pinstriped, fold-and-tuck gift box and makes a great self-care gift!  The combo includes one 8-ounce lavender body butter which is offered in a clear, sturdy glass jar with black cap and one lavender fields soap 3"x3"x1", a perfect square.


Lavender Body Butter


-ultramarine colour

-distilled water

-SLS-free lanette wax

-organic lavender essential oil (France)

-vanilla scent

-Coconut Oil

-free trade organic shea butter


Lavender Fields Soap

-Organic Lavender Essential Oil from France

-Organic Bergamot Essential Oil from Italy

-Lavender Flowers,

-SLS-Free Oatmeal Soap


Luscious Lavender Combo

Excluding GST/HST
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