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This product is offered in a very attractive 4 ounce glass. amber bottle with a smooth, black lid to keep your bath salts fresh and long-lasting. 


Natural Ingredients:

-Medium-Size Pink Himalayan Salts
-Jasmine Buds
-Dried Rose Buds
-Hibiscus Petals  
-Sweet Almond Oil
-Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang

Each of these have energizing and inspiring properties, that, when, used in a bath, will assist in mental clarity and increase creativity.  Each ingredient is natural without added preservatives or chemicals.   These salts are not to replace conventional medical advice but only to be used in conjunction with other treatments.

These salts can also be used for moon phase rituals, particularly during the waxing moon for increased energy and attracting abundance while reducing stress and increasing mental clarity.

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Energy Ritual Bath Salts 4 ounces

Excluding GST/HST
  • Hibiscus is a family of flowering plants that are native to tropical and sub-tropical climates such as South Africa and the Caribbean.  There are many healing benefits that come from the use of hibiscus.

    The hibiscus has a long history in African, Egyptian, Iranian and even European cultures. While at first, this beautiful flower was used for its scent as a perfume and odor reducer, its healing properties were soon discovered. Those in the middle east have been using this plant for ages to help maintain body temperature, heart health and hydration. In Africa and Europe, the plant is used to support upper respiratory health, and promote circulation.

    Hibiscus flowers are used all over to help keep the upper respiratory tract healthy and efficient, while soothing the throat when taken as tea.  This blend is made specifically for a bath and should ONLY be used as such, for external use only. 

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