This product is offered in a very attractive 4 ounce glass. amber bottle with a smooth black lid to keep your salts fresh and long-lasting.

It is made with:

-Medium-Size Pink Himalayan Salts
-Dried Nettle Leaves
-Lavender Flowers
-Calendula Petals
-Calendula Oil
-Chamomile Flowers

Each of these have calming properties, that, when, used in a bath, will assist in reducing anxiety and improving sleep.  Each ingredient is natural without added preservatives or chemicals.   These salts are not to replace conventional medical advice but only to be used as a supplement to any other treatment.

These salts can also be used for moon phase rituals, particularly during the waning moon for the releasing of negative energy and assisting in relaxation and reducing stress.

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Calm Ritual Bath Salts 4 ounces