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Offered in a sturdy, 4-ounce, amber, glass bottle with a dropper.


Witch Hazel Distillate (Alcohol-free), Chamomile Floral Water, Carrot Tissue Oil, and Essential Oil of Blue Chamomile and Italian Everlasting. Use as often as you want, preferably before the daily moisturizer and after the carrot-calendula oil cleanser.

Natural Ingredients:

-Witch Hazel

-Purified Water

-Essential of German Blue Chamomile

-Carrot Tissue Oil 

-Sunflower Seed OIl

-Italian Everlasting Essential Oil

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Blue Witch Face Tonic

Excluding GST/HST
  • Witch hazel is a natural remedy made from the bark and leaves of a plant called Hamamelis virginiana. Long used in traditional medicine, witch hazel is usually applied topically in order to treat certain skin conditions. Witch hazel contains tannins, a type of natural compound with astringent effects.
    The name witch in witch-hazel has its origins in Middle English wiche, from the Old English wiche, meaning "pliant" or "bendable", and is not related to the word witch meaning a practitioner of magic. Jacob George Strutt's 1822 book, Sylva Britannica attests that "Wych Hazel" was used in England as a synonym for wych elm, Ulmus glabra;  The use of the twigs as divining rods, just as hazel twigs were used in England, may also have,[citation needed] by folk etymology, influenced the "witch" part of the name.


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