Bless the day with this magical potion which smells and feels divine agains the skin.  It is made with almond butter, coconut oil, lavender floral water, a drop of blueberry scent and organic essential oil of frankincense.



                                   THE DEETS


Purified water, cocos nuciferia, cetearyl glucoside, cetearyl alcohol, organic essential oil of Frankincense from India (Boswellia serrata), gluten-free, vegan almond butter (prunus amygdalus dulcis, cottonseed oil, fractioned coconut oil (mct oil), lavender water (lavandula angustifolia).

                                 THE THREE WISE MEN

Essential Oil of Frankincense has a sensuous, woody, sweet scent reminiscent of bark and amber which has a deep history as a skin healer and helps to balance body and soul.  In addition, essential oil of frankincense balances oily skin and is effective against inflammation.  The history of frankincense traces back to Medieval times and is closely linked with being burned in sacred places and religious rituals, it was valued for its powerful aroma and the white smoke it exuded when burned.  It was also used in perfume, cosmetics such as eyeliner, salves and Egyptian mummification methods.



Bless the Day Body Butter 9 OUNCE