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Autumn Equinox/Winter Skincare Spa Box

This Spa Box is unique, uplifting and the perfect self-care gift for any occasion: Birthday, Halloween, Anniversary, Corporate or Milestones, Bridal Party and Christmas.  The box is a dark blue sturdy mailer box  (11L x8W x4H) that can be used as a storage container.  The box includes:

1- 3.5 ounce Rose Toner
-witch hazel
-rose floral water

1- 4 ounce You're Drying me Crazy Hand Cream
-lanette wax
-lavender butter
-essential oil of Immortelle
-coconut oil

1-Pumpkin Spice Soap  (3x3x1)
-SLS-free cocoa butter soap
-Granulated Lemon Peel for Exfoliation
-Free-trade Organic Shea Butter
-Pumpkin Spice Scent

1- Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap (3x3x1)
-SLS-free Cocoa Butter soap with a creamy lather and a light aroma of chocolate
-Matte Brown Colour
-Oatmeal, milk and honey scent
-whole nettle leaves

1-750 ml French Breton Grey Sea Salt Bath Salts
-French Breton Grey Sea Salt harvested by hand Guérande region of France in the centuries old tradition. Clean seawater is channeled into clay-lined evaporation ponds so that, as the salt crystals form, they absorb a beautiful grey color and the trace minerals from the clay. These delicate salt grains are then collected by hand to produce a beautiful, soft sea salt crystal with higher moisture content. This salt is all-natural, unrefined, and cherished for its unique color, high trace mineral content, and texture.
-Hibiscus Flowers
-Coconut Oil
-Essential Oil of Bergamot
-Hint of Vanilla Scent

1 Wooden Portioning Spoon and 3 Bamboo Rounds for removing makeup or toning

1 medium size smooth rose quartz for opening the heart to healing and receiving

This box contains many items that are not only uplifting for the mind and spirit, but are also nourishing to the skin, body and soul. They are great add-ons to an existing self-care routine and they can be used in existing meditation, yoga and manifestation rituals or to create new ones.

The shop has a few boxes available for the winter: check out the Christmas Spa Box or the Luxury Natural Skin Care Box which are great gifts for yourself or for that special person in your life. We will include a card free of charge and send it directly to your recipient. Gift-wrapping is $5 extra.


Autumn Equinox Spa Kit

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