The Miracle Of Coconut Oil

Even though aromatherapy has been known to humankind for over 5,000 years, we still know very little about it.  We are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of chemically produced medications and have therefore tried to reduce our dependence on such medications, assuming more responsibility for our well-being and preventing illness in the first place.

Essential oils, properly administered mobilize the body’s own self-healing powers.  They act in accordance with holistic principles, awakening and strengthening vital energies and self-healing capabilities; they can influence our psychic equilibrium or psychological well-being and regulate physical imbalances, affecting body and spirit.

The amazing attributes of essential oils account for their effectiveness and the many possible applications. Essential oils absorbed by the skin can reach the organs to be treated through the connective and lymphatic tissues and the circulatory system.  They support the skin the largest organ of the body and its many functions.

Aside from the skin, aromatherapy has been and is being used for many disorders such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines and stress just to name a few.