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About Manna Skin Labs


Vibrational medicine is as old as time itself. The most famous of the early herbal medical texts was the Original Materia Medica.  From a historical perspective herbal medicine lies at the very root of modern day therapeutics.

In our studio, utmost care is taken to ensure the best quality of raw ingredients are used to create our skincare, ritual care and spiritual care products. 


Each product is made during the appropriate moon-phase, synergizing that with the energetic intention behind that product and its flowers, essences and botanicals.

The products sold on this website are made and packaged by hand, by myself, ensuring a clean space, physically and energetically.

I love these products and I love how they make me feel, I love how they make my skin, my mind and body feel. I hope you do too!

Laurie Manna

Manna Skin Labs Botanicals

Our products are not intended to replace medical advice or therapeutics, but are an aid in healing the mind and body holistically.

Manna Skin Labs- Jazz Festival
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