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 New additions: French Grey Sea Salt harvested by
hand, New Moon and Abundance Milk Baths, Autumn Equinox Spa Box and Christmas Spa Box

Creating beautiful skincare started off as a hooby for me and quickly became a passion for creating luxury skincare. It all came together exquisitely  to be an alternative for cosmetics that are toxic and full of toxin and creating products that are ethically sourced, that are less harmful to us and to the environment.
Great care is taken to choose quality raw materials to put MANNA products together.  The benefits of natural skincare products are many and varied they increase the turnover of new skin cells as we age, prevent the signs of premature aging by protecting your skin from the elements (wind, sun, extreme cold or extreme exposure to sun and heat), and they make you feel and smell good!

In addition to soap, butters, floral waters, sugars and powders, essential oils are a big part of what I create.  Essential oils not only work on the physical level, but they work on the mental, emotional and spiritual layers of healing.  Essential oils and aromatherapy can have an extremely healing effect on the systems of the body that we often take for granted: the respiratory system, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, nervous and integumentary (the skin)systems.   It has been proven throughout the ages that essential oils aid in eliminating bacteria, dead skin cells, unblock pores and dissolve excessive sebum which allows the skin to regenerate more effectively and easily.

Send an e-mail to info@mannaskin.com in regards to ordering  party favours for birthdays, weddings, baby or bridal showers, Christmas or special events.  Click here for wholesale pricing or send us an e-mail at info@mannaskin.com.

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